Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Jackal from Rome on the way to Stockholm

 The Lady Wolf from Sweden is waiting the Jackal from Rome

by Ovidiu C. Banea and Alex Gridan


Golden Jackal in Danube Delta 2013, Photo: Carlo Galliani 

Wolves in Sweden: HERE

Northern latitudes are now naturally colonized by the European golden jackal. In Denmark and Finland there were individual sightings without known survival or reproductive family groups. According to an informed note to GOJAGE in 2013, after the W Estonia, Baltica wildlife winter survey when we assumed a reproductive population cluster, have been growing since 2011 when locals started to here spontaneous howling, Professor Nikolai Spassov from NHM in Sofia Bulgaria stated that the golden jackal species would not survive in the boreal biogeographical region without the help and the intervention of humans. There is a risk and limitations of a single indirect method for golden jackal species monitoring in new natural areas. Species monitoring and complementary methodology is needed in Sweden to confirm a possible record of a new mammal species at such latitudes.

On 12th of February 2021 jackal possible footprints and track appeared in the region of Grimsö Wildlife Research Station (wildlife management, ecology and hunting) from Örebro County in Sweden. The photographs were analyzed by two Romanian GOJAGE members, Ovidiu Banea and Cristian Remus Papp and by Adrian Gridan from National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry “Marin Dracea” (I.N.C.D.S.) Brasov, Romania. The uploaded pictures might  show prints of jackal but without additional indirect or direct methods this observation remains C4 - No evidence (GOJAGE Expert Criteria) or C2 - Weak evidence (SCALP modified, see in Hatlauf et al, 2016).

Source: AICI
The Lady Wolf, Photo: Rick Heeres, Nov 2019

Canid footprints, Photo: Rick Heeres, Dec 2020

After several interpretations and internal discussions, GOJAGE members are looking to perform a wildlife survey in a natural area of Northern Sweden. The tracks and snowy footprints are to be trained and guided within the Informal Group.

First golden jackal was discovered at the boreal biogeographic region in 2013, in West Estonia, Matsalu National Park, a wetland of 3000 ha of reeds in the Delta of Kasari River where are nesting 15.000 pairs of birds. Nearby it is a hunting terrain. These are the places where it can happen again a surprise like that from 2013.

The arrival of a golden jackal to Sweden is suspected to follow the same dispersal route like Racoon Dog, which first was spotted in Finland (1935) and Sweden (1945) before arriving to Central Europe. Technical data for new establishment is presented for Denmark Lille Vildmose wetland (OC Banea and F Böcker, 2017) and What about Sweden? (OC Banea, 2015).

Track in Sweden, near a wildlife research station at Grimso
Probable Wolf from Sweden
Photo Source: Here

Track in Romania, Photo: Cristian Remus Papp
Probable Wolf from Romania

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