Friday, April 9, 2021

Bioacoustic Monitoring in Romania, Golden jackal survey

Golden Jackal in Romania, hollistic approach in specific ecological systems located in hunting terrains and Danube Delta

BMR 2021, pilot action

by Ovidiu C. Banea

Between 31st of March 2021 and 5th of April 2021 took place in Romania a bioacoustic monitoring reasearch, BMR2021 in ecological systems specific to golden jackal located in two hunting terrains from western and eastern parts of Romania (FV 2 Cheglevici, Timis county and FV 28 Gura Dobrogei, Constanta county) and in two critical areas in Danube Delta (Caraorman and Letea martime levees) where the density is controlled regularly by Crispus NGO Sibiu.

Credit: RoHilac 2021 © Ovidiu C. Banea & Cosmin A. Țâru

Photos in detail: Carlo Galliani and Janesz Tarman

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Intalnire de lucru la Ministerul Mediului Apelor si Padurilor

Letea 4 aprilie 2021, video credit: Ovidiu C. Banea si Cosmin A. Țâru

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