Thursday, March 21, 2013

BALTICA 2013, Wildlife Survey in W Estonia

During 27-29th of March, an international team will perform a wildlife survey, Baltica 2013, in western Estonia. The team includes Biologist Peep Männil, Centre of Forest Protection and Silviculture Tartu, Estonia, Biologist Alex Lotman, Environmentalist from Läänemaa county, and Ovidiu Banea, Environmental Ecologist, NGO Crispus Sibiu, Romania. The main purpose of this survey is to evaluate Matsalu National Park Reserve environment in winter conditions. During 2 days survey, the team will try to analyse the ecological network of those systems.
 JETF Wanax II, Summer 2012 and Baltica 2013 Winter Survey Proposal W Estonia

GOJAGE Minor 2013, survey in Turkey and Georgia was delayed due to administrative reasons.