Monday, September 10, 2012

First golden jackal-proof in Switzerland

Erster Goldschakal-Nachweis in der Schweiz

Miha Krofel
Perhaps you'd be interested - it is now official, first confirmed evidence of jackal in Switzerland recorded during this year's lynx monitoring with phototraps. (KORA news)

During the lynx monitoring in the northwestern Alps last winter by several camera trapping a strange animal has been mapped: similar in coloration and habit of a wolf, but obviously smaller and more compact, too big and too leggy for a fox. After consulting with several specialists it was confirmed that the photos show a golden jackal (Canis aureus). Is still pending final proof in the form of a genetic analysis, but we keep the recordings for the first tangible evidence of a golden jackal in Switzerland.

In Austria and Northeast Italy reproduction of the golden jackal is detected since 2007 . The evidence so far is from the northern German state of Brandenburg.

The animal pictured here was recorded between the 11/27/2011 and the 12/12/2011 by five different camera traps in the cantons of Bern, Fribourg and Waadt. Since then, no further proof was recorded.

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