Thursday, February 19, 2015

BALTICA 2015, Winter Wildlife Survey in NE POLAND

by Ovidiu C. Banea

During the period 1-4 of March 2015 will take place GOJAGE Wildlife Winter survey Baltica 2015 in wetlands of NE Poland.

The main objectives are to define suitable environmental conditions for the golden jackal and to establish a network of new calling stations for future bioacoustic monitoring in the region. A brief monitoring session will be held for one control area of about 14.000 ha. The team, formed by specialists in the field of environmental ecology, zoology, forestry, ornithology and local hunters will focus attention, also on biotic factors, anthropogenic food resources and other wildlife of these ecological systems in order to establish an hypothetical model of jackal specific ecological interactions. Another topic will be to disclose advanced knowledge of jackal bioecology in order to avoid misunderstandings as occurred in other regions where jackal established new populations.
The closest site where jackal was reported is 6 km from the Polish border with Czech Republic (here). Long-distance dispersal pattern was suggested during Serbian Jackal Symposium.