Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brief report WANAX II and JET-F Proposal

Jackal´s Ecology Research Project, preliminary studies and collaborators

The first step of WANAX II expedition was conducted. In Danube Delta, we identified jackal´s footprint and droppings on the coast of Black Sea near large banks of Sf Gheorghe area (Saint George locality).

Excrements had birds feathers and rodent teeth. We collected four of these signs to analyse with collegues tomorrow in Elkhovo, and in Sofia Natural History Museum with Mr Giorgos Giannatos and Prof Dr Nikolai Spassov. They are dark-green on one side and white on the lighted.

A herd of cows make great beach at the mouth of the Danube. Here we measured largest distance of St George branch (741 meters). Our host told us how he saw a jackal swimming in the morning hours going from one bank to the other in late 2008.

 Linking Sulina and St. George branches of delta, we went from Caraorman village to Puiu Lake, then the reservation of raptors Erenciuc.
Nymphaea alba L. 

Specific habitat (1)

Footprint on the banks near St Giurgiu area.

Sunset on Sulina branch

Possible dragging of a pray near jackal foot print, The track follows the vegetetion covered area. Photo: O Banea
Discussions about "Jackal´s Ecology Research Project" with Ing Petre Gargarea at ROMSILVA

With Dr Biol Dumitru Murariu at "Gr Antipa" Museum. JET-F Jackal´s Ecology Task Force was signed. 

Yesterday morning we checked acoustic stimulation near the area where we found tracks. Here we haven´t answer, but later on way back to Tulcea city on the 45th mile we found an open ground terrain (small agriculture activity in the area and cattle) hidden between the willows and at second broadcast we got answer from a group of about 700 m distance. It was at 10:45h in the morning.

Meeting with Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration. The JET-F was signed and we talk about problems and possible cooperation for "Jackal´s Ecology Research Project" initiated by Crispus NGO, Ecology Department.
Today we will meet our friends of Wild Bulgaria NGO in Elkhovo, Yambol province.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

WANAX II, summer stage

video: details of summer and autumn monitoring stages Wanax 2011 + Anubis 2011 (NGO Crispus & GOJAGE)  1) it is clearly seen that here stomach content had more than 98% of corn Zea mays. This female specimen was collected in a hunting terrain near horse carcass on summer 2011; 2) spontaneous howling of a jackal, during this movie shot we got answer to our own voice stimulation

"JACKAL´s ECOLOGY" 2012-2016 Specialized monitoring of the golden jackal particular ecosystems

Biodiversity and human activities in relation with golden jackal
Study of interspecific relationships and ecology of populations during 2012-2016 period

Goal: Sustainable management of golden jackal specific ecological systems

Between 15th to 22 of June 2012, summer stage WANAX II of observing jackal's sites in Danube Delta Romania and Yambol county Bulgaria will take place as following Wanax 2011, summer stage of golden jackal monitoring in Romania.
There is a possibility to reach Edirne region, Turkey and Nestos province in Greece.
More info on Crispus NGO blog with jackal studies.

During this stage, NGO Crispus Sibiu Romania and Wild Bulgaria NGO  with assistance of Environmental Ecologist Mr Giorgos Giannatos will purpose in Elkhovo  jackal´s ecology framework (structure and dynamic of populations). Partnership will be sign and together with project proposal will be submitted for funding.

Other organizations will be invited to this study proposal: Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Natural History Museum Gr Antipa Romania, ROMSILVA Romanian Game Management, Natural History Museum in Sofia Bulgaria, Biosphere Society in Athens Greece, Biom NGO Zagreb Croatia, Dinaricum Society in Slovenia, Friulian Museum in Udine Italy, Belgrade University Serbia, Institute of Wildlife Conservation in Godollo Hungary, Udine University Italy, Vienna NH Museum Austria, etc.