Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jackal population increases in Italy

by Luca Lapini

A complete analysis of the data at 10-years intervals reveal that its current range is increasing, particularly in the last decade (2005-2015). The overall data indicates that the expansion waves of jackals in Italy are influenced by the already known expansion phases of the species in Europe, but in the last years the populations of north-eastern Italy turned out to be an autonomous source of expansion, thanks both (first) to some long-lasting populations of the Karst of Gorizia and (second) to the formation of new groups dwelling in the centre of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (Pordenone Province). A poster including new data was presented in Viterbo Italy during the 

Teatro Boni - Acquapendente (VT) 20-23 Aprile 2016

Evolution and trends of the populations of Canis aureus moreoticus in Italy (here)
Luca Lapini, Mauro Caldana & Giovanni Amori