Thursday, September 5, 2013

OLBIA 2013, Wildlife Survey in jackal ecological systems Ukraine

Jackal survey in wetlands of Ukraine, 18-24 September 2013 (here).

Main objectives:
1) Suitable insight on jackal distribution in wetlands of Northern Black Sea Coast near Dnieper River and in NW Ukraine, West Polesia. Olbia 2013 team proposed two fieldwork together with Ukrainian Environmental Authority and Zoologists with the aim to find possible new territorial reproductive groups in Ukraine using bioacoustic "Giannatos" monitoring technique.

2) Enforcing Wetland Mammal Specialists Network in Ukraine and improve GOJAGE membership with members of Ukrainian and Belarusian zoologists and Environmental Ecologists, specialists and experts of large carnivores and medium sized carnivores typical to wetlands and jackal specific ecological systems.

by O Banea & G Giannatos