Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Jackal fur in Bucharest with 150 Eur

Economy and jackals

by Crispus NGO Sibiu, Romania, Ecology Department

On 7th of September 2019 in "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum in Bucharest near sheep or cattle and lamb furs, golden jackal skin was on sail with 800 RON (150-160 Eur). And apparently all the process is legal. Even if species is NT for EU 27 and management can be done only based on specific seasonal monitoring, the vendor told us that the intestines are send to Cluj-Napoca for analysis of endo-parasites, the penian bone to "Gr Antipa" NHM. So, the fur cost was surprisingly high and it seems that the business is legal, if jackals are culled for scientific purpose.
Photo: Mirel Prisacaru

Photo: Ovidiu C. Banea

Jackals in the Alps, Italy

Jackals in the Alps!


A jackal in a winter alpine ecosystem was photographed near a marmot (Marmota marmota), at about 2350 m a.s.l. on the northeastern slope of the Mount Motto, by Dionigi Colombo on 22nd of April 2019. This is a new Italian record near Livigno, Sondrio. 

Photo: Dionigi Colombo, 22.04.2019, Mount Motto, near Livigno, Italy

The Italian golden jackal status is favorable with at least 7 new reproductive groups. Luca Lapini updated the Italian records an present it during the 5th Seminar of Alpine Ecology, on 6th of October 2019.

Jackals in the Alps

Photo: Dionigi Colombo, 22.04.2019, Mount Motto, near Livigno, Italy