Thursday, November 8, 2012

CHAGALJ (RAJ) 2012, golden jackal survey in Peljesac Peninsula

Today, Thursday 8th of November, colleagues from Rumania (Ovidiu Banea), Slovenia (Miha Krofel, Tomaž Berce, Mateja Deržič, Jasna Mladenovič) and Croatia (Association for biological research – BIOM) will meet at Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia to perform jackal survey.

For next four days we will be participating at GOJAGE 2 BROADER ACTIVITIES by collecting data using bio-acoustic stimulation. One of our activities will be communicating with local hunting societies, to hear their side of the story.
We will give report about our activities and results at daily basis.
Wish us good luck!

Ivana Selanec (BIOM, GOJAGE)

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